Project Description

The landscape brings together men and women, nature and city, history and phantasmagoria. Something nameless, sublime and, at the same time, trite permeates it. The fleeting landscape generates narratives, biographies and fables. In Old Western movies, it was common for something to be seen in the horizon, sometimes blurred by the dust and the scorching sun. These distant figures would reveal themselves little by little, taking shape and materializing as they came towards us. Nowadays, this dimension has been lost. No one seems to come from afar. In Onde o horizonte se move, spectators, like watchmen from the past, search the horizon to decipher the figures blurred by the distance.

Gustavo Ciríaco works in transversal projects and collaborations involving architecture, visual arts and spectacle. His works are guided by the context in which they take place and by the poetry of the materialness of each situation. He has taken his work to festivals and art institutions in Latin America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. His projects include: A room of wonder (Tokyo and Rio); Neighbors and Here whilst we walk, a collaboration with Andrea Sonnberger (Austria); and Drifting | Em deriva, a collaboration with António Pedro Lopes (Portugal). He was the artistic director of the Manifesta! occupation, at Teatro Cacilda Becker, and curator of the ENTRE Lugares festival, of the ENTRE / Espaço Sérgio Porto occupation project (Rio de Janeiro), in partnership with Chelsea Theatre (London).

Directing and conception: Gustavo Ciríaco
Performers: Ignacio Aldunate, Isabel Martins, João Victor Cavalcanti,  Priscila Maia e Tiago Cadete
Executive producer: Anna Ladeira | Curto Circuito Produções
Special thanks: Andrew Mitchelson, António Pedro Lopes, Dina Levy, Laura Samy, Letícia Ciríaco, Lucía Russo, João Sanchez, Marianne Baillot, Pedro Rivera, Sandra Carneiro, Renato Linhares and the staff and artistas do Rio Occupation London.
Volunteers: Ana Carolina do Nascimento Pereira, Analu Salatino Sant’Anna, Anna-Luiza Clasper, Bruna Parente Arce, Carla Miranda Jordão de Almeida, Carolina Merlo, Clarice Rito Plotkowski, Danilo Cezar Nascimento Alexandre, Edson Alves, Gabriel Masques, Helena heizer Jullien, Jaqueliny Pereira da Silva, Leila Mara Laborne Vieira, Luana Lopes Pereira, Lucas Bueno, Luiza Cascon Nogueira, Luiza Rennó Loroza, Marco Antonio Casimiro de Souza, Maria Clara Pereira de Souza, Marli Assumpção, Patricia Azevedo, Tais Almeida da Silva, Tarso Otavio Costa de Oliveira and Verena Maria Soares Than

The project was taken in for a residency in the official program of Galeria maus Hábitos, in Guimarães, European Capital of Culture 2012 and as part of the Rio Occupation London, the Brazilian artistic mission at the London Cultural Olympiad 2012, United Kingdom with presentations at V22. Rio Occupation London was commissioned by Secretaria de Estado de Cultura of Rio de Janeiro, produced by People’s Palace and coproduced by Battersea Arts Center.