August 7 – Wednesday – 19h
With Dani Lima, Gijs Andriessen, Valeria Valenzuela and Leo Nabucco.
Curated by Eduardo Bonito.
Sessions at 19h and 21h
Discussions at 20h

-Documentation of Leo Nabucco:
“THIS IS CONCRETE” Thiago Granato and Jephthah van Dinther (10min)
“A minha violência, a sua violência” by Letícia Nabuco (21min)

-Documentation of Gijs Andiersen:
“Falam as partes do todo?” Cia Dani Lima (40 min)

-Documentation of Valeria Valenzuela:
“Dança Contemporânea em Domicilio” With Cláudia Müller (7min)
Curator and comments: Eduardo Bonito.
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