One of the great news about Festival Panorama 2013 edition is the project Panorama Carioca, at Cidade das Artes. To celebrate the arrival of the Festival at the biggest cultural complex of Rio, three choreographers cariocas will create pieces for the spaces of the great building where now functions the Cidade das Artes Foundation – the foundation is co-presenter of those cariocas creations.

One of the selected artists is the carioca Gustavo Ciríaco and he is summoning 40 residents of Cidade das Artes’s surroundings to take part of his piece, Onde o horizonte se move. Come and participate of a piece in Festival Panorama!

Onde o horizonte se move

Onde o horizonte se move is the new creation of the carioca choreographer  Gustavo Ciríaco, made especially for Cidade da Artes, inside the project Panorama Carioca at Cidade das Artes.

The piece investigates the landscape as a shared fiction field. By the selection of a landscape and a location from where you see it, the project invests in its gradual transformation through figures that arise and disappear on the horizon.

To his premiere on Festival Panorama, in October, at Cidade das Artes, the artist is looking for a group of 40 volunteers, that lives near by the Cidade das Artes or frequents it, to join his creation process and its presentations, along with the group of professional performers.

Those selected will receive help on costs during rehearsals and presentations.

We are looking for:

5-10 children and adolescents between 7 and 17 years

5-10 ladies and gentlemen above 60 years old

20 adults between 18 and 60 years (interested at large and if possible with experience in theater or dance)


Saturdays and Sundays, October 12, 13, 19 and 20, from 14h to 18h.


October 25, 26 and 27, by the afternoon, on schedules to be confirmed.

Conditions to participate:

1 ) Send an e- mail to the address, with the subject: Horizonte Rio, informing full name, age, sex, profession, telephone contact + confirmation that has availability to participate on all rehearsals and presentations.

2 ) Children need a statement of parents authorizing the participation in the project.

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