For the second time Panorama Festival presents the Critics’ Lab, activity in partnership with the Curso de Teoria da Dança do Departamento de Arte Corporal da EEFD-UFRJ, coordinated by professor Sergio Andrade. In this edition, the Lab discuss themes such as the critical look in front of a dance piece, the critic as a translation device and critic in the media.

The festival’s programme will be presented and discussed, in order to create a experimental platform to produce critics that in the end of the festival will be published on the official website.

The first meeting will be on October 19, 10am to 12pm, at Escola do Olhar in Museu de Arte do Rio.

Entries and information via email:

Photo: Mylène Bressan

Activity: Critical Laboratory
Date: October 19
Time: 10am to 12pm
Where: Escola do Olhar no Museu de Arte do Rio
Number of vacancies: 15