In another partnership of Panorama Festival with Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, on October 22, the artistic director of Centro Popular de Conspiração Gargarullo, Jorge Lopes Ramos, delivers a lecture at Auditório Maria Lenk (EEFD – UFRJ).

The lecture will focus on the use of Zecora Ura’s spectacle Hotel Medea as a study case, and the residence DRIFT International, as a methodological reference multi -disciplinary. Jorge’s project most acclaimed, Hotel Medea won four seasons in London and became the only highlight of the Edinburgh Fringe 2011, receiving praises from specialized vehicles. The Dramaturgy of Participation is the title of his post-graduation project on  the University of East London , and co-authoring the chapter with Persis Jade Maravala for the book Framing Immersive Theatre and Performance , edited by James Frieze to be published on 2014 in England by publisher Palgrave .

Using the process of creating Hotel Medea – de meia noite ao amanhecer as the starting point and the growing trend of immersive theater in the UK as context, Jorge will discuss three possibilities to the conception of dramaturgical devices aimed at audience participation: Participatory Ritual, Game – Narrative Interactive and Immersive Environment. From these approaches and examples of process, Jorge will suggest the elaboration of a expectation contract between the public and the performer that allows the public to be able to act as a spectator, co-author and protagonist of his experience. At the conclusion of the lecture, Jorge will be available to answer questions from guests and will announce shortly the proposal for the new Zecora Ura’s creative process: the project ZUMBI 24h – a collaboration between artists and bio-technologists.

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The lecture is open to the public.

Conversation with Jorge Lopes Ramos at UFRJ
Date: 10/22 ( Tuesday )
Time: 18:10h to 20h
Venue: Auditório Maria Lenk – EEFD – UFRJ (Avenida Carlos Chagas Filho , 540 , Cidade Universitária – Ilha Cidade Universitária / Rio de Janeiro – RJ)