After Festival Contemporâneo de Dança, in São Paulo, the portuguese artists Sofia Dias and Vítor Roriz present their piece Um gesto que não passa de uma ameaça, at Panorama Festival 2013. Conceiving words as bodies that are subjected to the logic of movement composition, this piece seeks to situate the audience in that moment of losing and assigning meaning, of degeneration and transformation, aligning itself with the chaotic way the mind perceives and connects events. Tomorrow and Thursday, november 06 and 07, 9 p.m. at Espaço Cultural Municipal Sérgio Porto.

The tickets to this show are on sale here.

Photo: João Octaüvio

Um gesto que não passa de uma ameaça, by Sofia Dias and Vítor Roriz
Date:  november 06 and 07
Time: 9 p.m.
Place: Espaço Cultural Municipal Sérgio Porto.
Age rating: 12 years
Tickets: R$20,00 (R$10,00 meia-entrada)