Panorama is a festival of dance and body arts, but also opens space for cinema. One of the highlights of this year programme is the showcase Dancing disidentity: after Butoh, curated by Japanese critic Daisuke Muto, which happens until November 10 at Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil’s Cinema 2.

An Avant-garde performance movement that emerged in Japan in the 1960s, butoh was an experiment of rejecting traditional Japanese and Western dance disciplines to reveal a bare body and its vital force and mobility. Thus, butoh was a resistance to the idea of the body as an agency of “Japaneseness”.

The showcase presents to the audi­ence of Panorama three creations by artists who explore influences that range from traditional butoh to pop dance: Chinoise Flower (1999), by Kota Yamazaki, Kankeisha Deluxe (2004), by Shigehiro Ide and Private Trace (2009), by Natsuko Tezuka. Tezuka also presents a version of one of her solos, Anatomical experience / The request version, part of the programme Panorama @ HAPPENINGS, in which the performer follows the instructions sent by the audience for the movements of her body. The complete programme of the showcase is here.

You can check the article on the newspaper O Fluminense of this week about the showcase here.

The film showcase and Natsuko Tezuka at HAPPENINGS are produced in partnership with Kyoto Experiment.

Dancing Disidentity: After Butoh
november 6 to 10
Cinema 2, CCBB Rio de Janeiro
Age rating:
16 years
Free admission