2013 is almost over and we could not end it happier. Besides the success of the 22th edition of Panorama Festival, between October 25th and November 10th, yesterday O Globo, that annually makes its critical list of the best of the year, chose six out of ten of the best dance spectacles of 2013 at Rio from our programme, including the best, “Finita”, by Denise Stutz, coproduced by the Festival and part of the project Panorama Carioca at Cidade das Artes. Also on that list, “Cesena”, of the Belgium group Rosas, “CRACKz”, by Bruno Beltrão, “sandwalk with me”, by Marcela Levi and Lucía Russo, “A Mary Wigman Dance Evening”, by Fabián Barba and “Le Cabaret Discrépant”, by Olivia Grandville.

We celebrate that recognition along with more than 400 professionals that worked directly from the Festival, and also the partners and sponsors. We thank all the 23.000 people that came to the shows and parallel activities of the Festival.

More than 40 national and international attractions in spaces all over the city: take a look at how was the Panorama Festival 2013.

In 2014, Panoramas’s Cultural Association don’t stop, with lots of projects in the arts and education areas and a new edition of Panorama on November. Follow us in our social medias and get to know everything at first hand!

Photo: Finita, by Denise Stutz © CLAP