Project Description

coLABoratorio is an international contemporary dance artistic residency program organized by Panorama since 2006 in different formats. In its third edition, coLABoratorio restates the goal to stimulate collaborative creation and cultural exchange between national and international artists.

In 2013, coLABoratorio joins the Tardes no Parque project, which has been occupying Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage (EAV) for three years. The scenic result of the researches developed during the residency will be presented there.

This edition brings together six Ibero-American artists for a research immersion with the theme “dramaturgy as a differentiating element for creation and for bringing audiences together”. The goal is to research audience loyalty strategies, with the importance of dramaturgy in contemporary dance creation as a starting point.

The selected artists six artists are going to work with three advisors – choreographers Alejandro Ahmed (SC), Jorge Lopes Ramos (RJ) and Marcelo Evelin (PI)– at Centro Popular de Conspiração Gargarullo, in Miguel Pereira (RJ), from October 14th to 27th. The participants were selected through call-for-entries and were supposed to fit two basic criteria: to be motivated to work in groups and to be adequately available for the purposes of the meeting.

coLABoratio is supported by Iberescena (Fundo de Ajuda para as Artes Cênicas Ibero-Americanas) and the collaboration of Associação Ponto de Cultura Espaço Panorama and Centro Popular de Conspiração Gargarullo.

 The artists selected for coLABoratorio 2013:

Aimé Pansera - MELENA em altaAimé Pansera (Argentina)

Aimé Pansera was born in 1986, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She studied performing arts in France and in Spain and developed her first works there. She is part of the Melena collective and collaborates with other artists as an assistant, writer and producer. She has a doctorate in performing arts by Université de Paris III – Sorbonne Nouvelle. In 2008, she lived in Barcelona, Spain, where she had closer contact with contemporary dance. There she took classes with Roger Bernat and Rosa Muñoz, among others. She directed Proyecto B, her first theater and dance piece, in 2009. In 2011, she was an resident artist at La Caldera and at tragantDansa, in Barcelona. In that same year, the Melena collective was born.

Pepe Cocinero (C) Agustin PilarteJoseph Patricio (Phillipines/Spain)

Joseph Patricio, also known as Pepe, is Filipino and lives in Spain. With his performances, he seeks creative ways to relate with the other, conceiving situations in which the audience can participate in the work’s final result. He is currently developing the Es cena / Food left project, with the idea of taking a kitchen to alternative spaces and cooking food with whatever is at hand. Throughout 2013, he participated in residencies in Berlin, Germany, and in Asturias, Spain.

Lander_PatrickLander Patrick (Brazil)

Lander Patrick is Brazilian and has been living in Portugal for many years. In 2011, he graduated from Escola Superior de Dança and soon after joined the Erasmus program at ArtEZ voor den Kunsten, in the Netherlands. With the solo Noodles never break when boiled, he was selected for 1º Andar – Mostra de Criadores Emergentes 2012, in Castelo Branco, Portugal. Besides with own work, Lander also collaborates as a creator and as a performer with independent artists in Portugal and in other European countries. He is currently developing the project You can blow it when you want.

María José Cifuentes (Chile)

María José Cifuentes is Chilean. She is a doctorate candidate in history and in arts and humanities, developing a research called Teatralidad doméstica: la historia de la casa como espacio de resistencia y disidencia del arte. She has been developing teaching and research work in performing arts since 2006. She wrote the book História social de la danza en Chile: visiones, escuelas y discursos, 1940-1990 and co-wrote Danza independiente en Chile: reconstrucción de una escena, 1990-2000. She is a researcher at Centro de Investigación y Memoria de las Artes Escénicas – CIM/Ae (Chile) and at ARTEA – Creación y investigación escénica (Spain). Since 2011, she directs, along with Simón Pérez and Jorge Tieffenberg, the Festival Escena Doméstica, in Chile, which proposes to take artists’ performances into people’s homes.

Tamia GuayasaminTamia Guayasamin (Ecuador)

Tamia Guayasamin was born and lives in Ecuador. She is an independent artist and producer. In 2008, she received an award from the Ecuatorian Ministry of Culture for En el principio, a piece that toured through Ecuador and Brazil. In 2011, she was part of the STILL_MÓVIL project, for which she created Animal que muta, in collaboration with Manuel Vason. Since 2009, she co-directs Festival Internacional Videodanza Ecuador and co-organizes the meetings Diálogos con la Danza. She is a member of Red Sudamericana de Danza and has participated in many artistic residency projects in several countries, including Brazil.

Ines_VolmirVolmir Cordeiro (Brasil)

Volmir Cordeiro was born in Santa Catarina (Brasil). He has a degree in theater from the Rio de Janeiro Federal University (UFRJ) and a master’s degree in dance, creation and performance from University of Paris 8 and from Centre National de Danse Contemporaine d’Angers (França), which is directed by choreographer Emmanuelle Huynh. Since 2004, he has been dedicated to the creation of contemporary dance. He was awarded with Prêmio Funarte Klauss Vianna de Dança 2007 for creating, directing and performing Hipo-teses para o corpo ou como se agarra o mundo com uma mordida. In 2012, he premiered Céu, his first solo piece, which was developed at Centre National de Danse Contemporaine de Angers. He was part of Alejandro Ahmed and Lia Rodrigues’s companies. He currently works with choreographer Laurent Pichaud, with Loic Touzé and Anne Kerzehro, with choreographer Xavier Le Roy and is a performer for choregrapher Emmanuelle Huynh.

The advisors:

alejandro_ahmedAlejandro Ahmed (SC)

Resident choreographer, artistic director and dancer of Grupo Cena 11 Cia. de Dança. His work as choreographer started in a self-taught way, in response to a need he had to integrate the way he thought about the world and the dancing he was experimenting with. With Cena 11, he developed a technique – named “physical perception” – that produces dance based on the body and it is one of the support points for his work. His gaze has always been directed towards the limitations of the body and the possibilities it allows to transform the “other”, whether he is a spectator and/or an accomplice of the action to which the body is subjected.

jorge lopes ramosJorge Lopes Ramos (RJ)

Living in Rio since 2000, Jorge was the artistic and executive director of the Zecora URA company between 2001 and 2012. Nowadays, he’s the associate artistic director of the organization that promotes artistic residencies in Brazil and England. With Zecora Ura, Jorge has received several awards and nominations as a director of interactive theater works, including The Herald Angel, the Prix Ars Electronica for Hybrid Art and a nomination for the Total Theatre Awards in the Innovation category. Jorge’s most acclaimed project was Hotel Medea, which ran for four seasons in London and became the only highlight of Edinburgh Fringe 2011, having received praises from the specialized media. As a producer, he has been in contact with partners, artistic collaborators and technical crews in all of the projects, leading teams of 50 people from different cultures and backgrounds. He is currently the director of Centro Popular de Conspiração Gargarullo.

marcelo evelim IMG_0617Marcelo Evelin (PI)

Choreographer, researcher and performer. He has lived in Europe since 1986, where he works with dance and physical theater with professionals from different nationalities, backgrounds and languages (music, videoinstallation and performance). He created and coordinates, since 2006, Núcleo do Dirceu, in Teresina (PI), a partner of coLABoratorio in 2010. He is a resident creator at Hetveem Theater, in Amsterdam, with his company, Demolition Inc., and teaches improvisation and composition at the Amsterdam Mime School. He is one of forerunners of dance, performance and political action in contemporary arts.