Project Description

Panorama’s loud and unexpected cousin, HAPPENINGS has been an associated project since last year. This year, for the first time, it takes
place in Casa França-Brasil, which will receive, on a weekend, collective actions involving performances, space for debates and experimental
sounds. Curated by Batman Zavareze, HAPPENINGS 2013 also celebrates the hundredth anniversary of Nijinsky and Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring. The participating artists were invited to revisit the classic as an inspiration for new creations.

Dentro dessa programação, o festival apresenta o artista catalão Roger Bernat com La consagración de la primavera (clique aqui). No último fim de semana do Panorama 2013 o HAPPENINGS traz:

09 NOV

14h Charles Feitosa (Brasil, RJ) | Brasil, RJ

 The aesthetics of screaming | Biblioteca, 90min

What is so disturbing and fascinating about screaming? What is relationship between the voice that screams and the voice that sings or speaks?

15h30 Natsuko Tezuka | Japão

Anatomical experience / The request version | Biblioteca, 30min

On this version of one of her solos, Japanese performer Natsuko Tezuka’s follows the instructions sent by the audience for the movements of her body.

16h às 19h Maria Alice + Tato Taborda | Duplexx | Vivian Accuri + Arto Lindsay | Alexandre Fenerich + Daniel Quaranta | Franz Manata e Saulo Laudares

In the year of the hundredth anniversary of The Rite of Spring a group of artists was invited to revisit the classic especially for HAPPENINGS @ Panorama. The result is an occupation of the spaces of Casa França-Brasil in multiple formats, with sound installations and performances.| Espaço Central e Galerias 1 e 2

20h Roger Bernat | Espanha 

La consagración de la primavera (click here to learn more about the piece) | Espaço Central, 50min

10 NOV

16h Coletivo XPLAU e Nado Leal

The XPLAU collective and DJ Nado Leal add beats, samples and interventions with synthesizers and noises of a work in progress. They will also use parts of other renditions in the composition. A yet unseen experience produced in less than 24 hours and performed live at HAPPENINGS 2013. | Espaço Central, 60min

17h Dany Roland

Drummer, music producer and actor Dany Roland will remix The Rite of Spring, assembling classics, noises, timbres and sounds that are unknown yet familiar to anyone. | Espaço Central, 120min

20h Roger Bernat | Espanha

La consagración de la primavera (click here to learn more about the piece) | Espaço Central, 50min

21h LULU ROUGE / DJs T.O.M. e Buda | Dinamarca

Panorama 2013 closing party | Área externa