Project Description

In urban centers in 2013, people walk in a hurry. The gaze, the hearing, the path and the walking itself no longer exist. People leave one point to quickly reach another one. The space between these two points doesn’t arouse any interest. Sandwalk with me is an excursion that sympathizes with the swing, the stumbles, the waves of the see and the streetcars that crossed the center of Rio de Janeiro in the beginning of the 20th century. Sandwalk with me is an experience that is literally carried by each sandwalker. Come and be a sandwalker!

Marcela Levi has been developing projects that dissolve the boundaries between dance and visual arts, creating a language that upsets the hierarchy between body and object: the body becomes an object and objects become body. Restless Lucía Russo moves between artistic creation, transmission and exchange processes and cultural management. In 2010, between Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires, the two artists created Improvável Produções, responsible for the creation and production of Natureza Monstruosa and for the concept of the audience development project Futuros Espectadores.

Concept and creation: Marcela Levi & Lucía Russo | Improvável Produções
Development: Claudio Magalhães, Jorge Lopes  e Ricardo Fontes| Núcleo de Experimentacão Tridimensional PUC Rio
Coproduction: Festival Panorama
Production: Improvável Produções
Acknowledgments: Alexandre Francisco, Amália Lima, Bruno Rezende, Carol, Clara Castro, Clara Cavalcante, Denise Stutz, Edivane Silva, Felipe Vian, Francisco Cavalcanti, João Victor Cavalcante, Gabriela Cordovez, Germán Lang, Ginetta Levi Mortera, Gustavo Ciríaco, Ignacio Aldunate, Isabel Martins, Laura Erber, Lia Rodrigues, Luana Bezerra, Lucas Bueno, Luiz Bitencourt (Tortubag), Michelle Outram, Paula Delecave, Pedro Rivera, Rita Natálio, Sérgio Rezende, Simone Kennyon, Thiago Souza, Vinny Rigo, Catarina Saraiva, Nayse Lopes e toda a equipe do Festival Panorama.
Photography: Álvaro Sánchez-Montañés
Collboration: Alexandre Francisco, Allyson Mendes Amaral, Cátia Alface, Gabriela Cordovez, Ignacio Aldunate, Isabel Martins, João Victor Cavalcante, Lucas Bueno e Raquel Tamaio

The first phase of this project was developed during the RIO OCCUPATION LONDON program conceived by the Rio de Janeiro’s State Culture Secretariat and produced by People’s Palace.