Panorama Festival 2014 | Tardes no Parque

Tardes no Parque

Picnic, workshops for families, workshops for those wishing to seduce, performances that lead to parties, parties that are performances, conversations and exchanges. The Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage opens its doors once again to celebrate Panorama ! The Tardes no Parque de 2014 program will stimulate artists and members of the public to share, exchange and collaborate. Program presented in partnership with Festival Curta Cinema.


Picnic-talk – The political meaning of the party. Mediation by Fred Coelho
8 nov
Tree sideway

Since our days as a Colony parties occupy a central role in class sociability and interchange in Rio de Janeiro, marking religious and civil events. Festive gatherings were also the starting point from which our political and cultural life took over public spaces. Carnaval became Rio’s main festivity, channeling our gift for encounters surrounded by music, dance and the body.  To discuss and celebrate Rio de Janeiro’s festive spirit, we invite you to a picnic.

Worskhop Uma mãe, dois pais, três avós, quatro irmãos*
Paloma Calle (Spain)
1 nov
14h30 to 17h

When so much is said about acceptable family structures, artist Paloma Calle invites Cariocas for an inter-operating workshop about family diversity. Families are her working material: their experiences will be used to create an ironic and light-hearted performance. This activity is part of Panoraminha

Paloma Calle was born Madrid, where she studied audiovisual communications, dance and theatre. She continued here studies in dance and theatre in Berlin and Rome. Her works, which tend to focus on performances and the visual arts, have been presented in museums, private homes, supermarkets and various public spaces in Europe and Asia.

* Presented in partnership with Mercat de les Flors.
This workshop is part of our Tardes no Parque program.

Workshop A pista e o abraço, with Compañia de Danza Periférico (Uruguay)

8 nov 17h to 20h

9 nov 19h to 20h30


Tango emphasizes the power of spontaneous and relaxed encounters: the connection begins with a single hug; the contact with the other and their senses is in its essence. These are the bases for two workshops that will take place at the plateau of EAV do Parque Lage at the weekend. The first, open to everyone will focus on tango’s basic aspects using improvisation as a technique. On Sunday, the workshop will be for dancers with previous experience of tango or contemporary dance. Panorama invites for an encounter of bodies, which will end with everyone dancing milonga.

Galpão do Dirceu | Brasil, PI
08 nov 21h15
Age rating: 16 years
Find out more here.

Conference Networks, operation and strengths
9 nov
Salão Nobre

International festivals curators gather to talk about their experience of working in networks. Why is it done? How is it done? What’s there to be gained and what’s there to be lost? These are some of the issues that will be discussed in this debate aimed at promoting an exchange of experiences and the elaboration of a common thought about working in networks. Organized in partnership with nxtstp.

9 nov 20h30 | Plateau

A Milonga Periférica, with Compañia de Danza Periférico (Uruguay)

A Milonga Periférica. After a calmer day, tango takes centre stage. Milonga is the social space for tango, in a party full of traditions and ritual.  At Milonga Periférica, everyone is invited to dance and hug.  With DJ Seba Niz and dancers Gabi Farias, Gianni Penna, Anibal Dominguez, Sofi Lans, Fede Folco, Edu Ferrer, Seba Niz and Leo Anselmi.

Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage
08 nov | from 13h
09 nov | from 15h

Free admission