During April, the Panorama Festival has launched a public call for original projects, which are now on show at the second leg of the 2021 event. In order to navigate the stormy seas that surround Brazil at this moment, the Panorama Raft proposed an innovative financing format in which referral institutions engaged in the creation and circulation of performing arts provided funds to support the production of original artworks by artists in the country.

The public call for project submission has received 273 valid applications sent by artists from all regions of Brazil, which were evaluated by a curatorial committee formed by the festival’s artistic director Nayse López, the visual artist Rafael RG and the choreographer and dancer Marcelo Evelin.

The Panorama Raft initiative “can help us understand how to hold on tight while we drift toward other coasts, other continents, in a complete rearrangement of the order of things, of the positioning of worlds, which I believe we’re helping to build”, says Marcelo.

The funds obtained through the partnership were assigned to 10 creation projects, each of which resulted in an original artwork included in the Panorama Raft online program. A second support line, called Research & Development, fostered 5 of the selected projects in which the artists could deepen their research and share their creation process online.

Rafael RG highlights that “despite all adversities we’re experiencing, Brazil has a great diversity of artists. Multiple voices and different understandings of the contemporary artistic practice”. He continues: “the selected works will present different issues and visions of the world to the public, which are of great relevance in face of everything we are experiencing. This highlights the power of art to generate ideas and reverberations which might indicate paths when everything around us seems to be drowning”.

The program begins on Sep 7, with a series of online discussions about themes that arise from the pieces in partnership with SESC São Paulo and SESC Pinheiros. The original artworks and shared researches will be available to the public as of Sep 16.

The complete program can be accessed on www.panoramafestival.com and on the Panorama Festival YouTube channel. Follow @festivalpanorama to know it all beforehand.


Panorama Festival announced last May the selected projects in the two support lines for the Panorama Raft edition.Iin the following months the Festival started a series of regular meetings to follow up the 15 selected projects, in addition to strengthening ties between artists and international......

The public call for the second leg of the Panorama Festival 2021 has received 273 valid projects sent by artists from all regions of the country. The curatorship was in charge of the festival’s artistic director Nayse López, the visual artist Rafael RG, and the......