Panorama Raft 2021 | Floating Talks

Floating Talks

In partnership with SESC São Paulo and SESC Pinheiros, the Panorama Festival holds 4 online events discussing themes related to the program. It is an opportunity to broaden the discussions promoted by Panorama Raft’s program together with artists and curators.

Check out the schedule of thematic talks below:


Sep 7, 7 p.m. – TALK 1 – Fluctuations and Survivals – New strategies of cooperation, curatorship and creation  

Tiago Guedes (PT) + Ricardo Carmona (ALE) + Tieta Macau (MA) + Talita Rebizzi (SP)

Mediated by Nayse López


Sep 8, 7 p.m.  – TALK 2 – Ancestral Futures – To what time do we belong? Hidden dances now thunder

Soraya Portela (PI) + Idylla Silmarovi (MG) + Elton Panamby (MA)

Mediated by Rafael RG


Sep 9, 7 p.m.  – TALK 3 – Voices of the Front – To dance the complaint and cut the city. Relations of Transformation between the city and dancing

Allexandre Bomber (PI) + Andreia Pires (CE) + Marcos Mattos (MS) + Nyandra Fernandes (RJ)

Mediated by Camilla Rocha Campos


Sep 10, 7 p.m.  – TALK 4  – Permanences, impermanences and reconstructions. Identities in transition, construction of new ways of existing and being an artist. Will there be an overcoming of the epistemology of differentiation?

Ian Habib (MG) + Daniela Pinheiro (SP) + Iara Izidoro (PE)

Mediated by Princesa Ricardo Marinelli

The talks will have a simultaneous interpretation in Brazilian Sign Language (LIBRAS).