The public call for the second leg of the Panorama Festival 2021 has received 273 valid projects sent by artists from all regions of the country.

The curatorship was in charge of the festival’s artistic director Nayse López, the visual artist Rafael RG, and the choreographer and dancer Marcelo Evelin. The selection committee evaluated the applications (projects + portfolios + budget proposal) considering the curatorial concept of the Panorama Festival. Any direct relationship with any person from the curatorial team in the submissions led to an abstention of that vote.

With the new partnerships made in the last weeks, the Panorama Raft format has been updated: In addition to the 10 creation projects selected to compose the second leg of the Panorama Festival in 2021, a second line of support, called Research & Development, has also been created. Each of the projects included in this line will engage in a program with artists and/or curators and there will be a public sharing of their processes at the end of the 3 months of work.

You can check the selected projects in the Creation and Research & Development line below:

>> Creation

  • À disposição do assombro – Wellington Gadelha (CE) + Kambô (PA)
  • Assombros e tricheiras: o que continua depois que o mundo acaba (?) – Tieta Macau (MA/CE) + Abeju Rizzo (MA/CE) + Elton Panamby (SP/MA) + Inaê Morerira (BA)
  • Construção Civil – Inquieta Cia (CE)
  • curto, curto, longo e às vezes curto, longo, curto – Marcela Levi + Lucía Russo (RJ)
  • Danças em transições – Adda Lygia Rissope (SP) + Alan Athayde (RJ) + Brisas (PA/MG) + Fabi Ferro (MS) + Ernesto Filho (SP) + Fernanda Silva (PI) + Ian Habib (MG/BA)+ Patfudyda (RJ) + Kaetê Okano (SP) + Reginaldo Dos Santos Oliveira (AL) + Pol Pi (SP)
  • Matéria Escura – Grupo Cena 11 & Diego de los Campos (SC)
  • O agora não confabula com espera – K. Iara (PE)
  • Quanto mais ensaia pior fica – Grupo Mexa (SP)
  • Serenatas Dançadas – Coleção #1 – Soraya Portela (PI)
  • Vapor – Original Bomber Crew [OBC] (PI)


>> Research & Development

  • De Passagem – outras paisagens – Cia Dançurbana (MS)
  • CADELA – uma cartografia destituinte – Idylla Silmarovi (MG) + Avelin Buniacá Kambiwá (PE) + Rafael Lucas Bacelar (RJ) + Juão Nyn (SP/RN) + Edgar Kanaykõ Xacriabá (MG)
  • Forças Armadas – Coletivo Kings Of The Night (PR)
  • O Corte da Dancinha – Luiz Guilherme Guerreiro (RJ)
  • Ìyàwó – Filhos do Encanto – Hiran (BA) + Ivan Bina (BA) + Luiz Antônio Sena Jr. (BA) + Nando Zâmbia (BA)


Given the current scenario of precariousness in Brazil, we are very glad about the number of applications that we have received. We thank all people who trusted in this project (artists, partners, staff and audience).

In Rafael RG’s words: “[…] the Panorama Raft as a double path, at the same time it stimulates the production and maintenance of different artists and artistic groups in Brazil, the program that will emerge from the selected works will present different issues and visions of the world to the public, which are of great relevance in face of everything we are experiencing. This highlights the power of art to generate ideas and reverberations which might indicate paths when everything around us seems to be drowning“. He adds that the always delicate work of curating reveals that “[…] despite all the adversities we are living, Brazil has a great diversity of artists. Multiple voices and different understandings of the contemporary art practice“.

Marcelo Evelin comments that the second leg of the Panorama Festival 2021 is: “[…] a very consistent survival kit in times of turbulent seas and bodies thrown overboard. Rafts are fragile and provisional vessels and the name of this project already says a lot. Rafts save some and unfortunately leave others adrift, waiting for the waves to bring strong trunks to hold on to, so that from this wreckage new rafts emerge, from the entanglement of desire and need in this sea that is the same for all, but with so radically different vessels to navigate”.

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