Dark Matter had its première date scheduled for April 2020. 

Its artistic ground is the detection of a force through the symptoms present in the bodies it traverses. An invisible body, that associates its appearance with the modification of other bodies to manifest its existence. It’s also a proper name. A remnant of Future. A becoming of Past.

It also affirms the possibility of choreography as an invisible matter. Choreography as a syntactic possibility of asymmetric matters. An active exile in a Brazil adrift. The praxis of relations between change, risk and immunity in the artistic investigation of a biopolitical body. In the current process, new tools correlate presence, virtuality, archives, memory, and all kinds of transduction that flow from these contacts. A multidirectional and continuous movement that integrates actions involving text, audio, video, temporalities and spatialities through bodies that give access to the manifestation and crossovers of the life of things in the happening of the movement.


Dance made an instrument to transduce kinetic behaviors into bio-cultural syntaxes. 


From the modulation of gravity as a dance behavior, that gave origin to the concept of “Voodoo Body” in 1999, to the interactive syntax between voice, machine, word and caption that structures the current definition of “Chaos Caption”, “Dark Matter” and “Ghost Future”, all merge in practices and development of new emotional and techno-diverse musculoskeletal integrations. 


Motivated by the need to reflect upon and extend the presence of movement in the body on screen and in the virtual temporalities and spatialities, the group is cultivating physical-digital ecosystems in which movement is supported by hybrid homeostasis between biological sensors and artificial subjectivity. The dialogue between fragile systems and strong syntaxes, based on the permeability of environment and technology, shifts the definition of precision and moves away from the aesthetic prophylaxis that seeks to eliminate the noise adjacent to all mediation. By doing so, it creates other images of balance.


The creation of an ecosystem that correlates physical, digital, and virtual presences of multiple temporalities. An ecosystem that, in order to remain balanced, approaches machine and nature in a common field of reciprocal extensions.


Is everything swallowed up in the darkness?

What can we not see, in the distraction of the eyes?

Is it possible to map the blind spot of presence, being sensitive to the integration of the senses?

Is it possible, in the irreversibility of life, for our bodies to multiply themselves in temporalities and spatialities in order to continue the movement of being alive?


Extinction is an appearance.

Opportunity made of appearance.


Everything moves until the end.

Sep 17 | 8PM (GMT -3)



Creation, choreography and performance Alejandro Ahmed, Aline Blasius, Bianca Vieira, João Peralta, Karin Serafin, Kitty Katt, Luana Leite, Malu Rabelo, Natascha Zacheo

Video & Sound creation & operator Alejandro Ahmed & João Peralta

Technical direction Grupo Cena 11

Lighting Irani Apolinário, Rafael Luiz Apolinário

Broadcast and sound technician Eduardo Serafin.

Production director Karin Serafin

Production assistant Malu Rabelo

Movement assistant  Aline Blasius

Cenotechnician Assistant Adilso Machado

Production team, social media and project Aline Blasius, Kitty Katt, Luana Leite & Natascha Zacheo

Graphic design Luana Leite

Photographs Cristiano Prim & Karin Serafin

Translator Kitty Katt

Movement coach Aline Blasius, Kitty Katt & Alejandro Ahmed

Creation and programming of objects, instruments and mechanisms for “Dark Matter” Diego de los Campos

Texts Grupo Cena 11

Video creation – 2019 for “Dark Matter” PACT-UFSC (João Peralta, Thiago R Passos, Rodrigo Garcez)

Co-production Mousonturm, Tanzhaus NRW, PANORAMA RAFT, Instituto Goethe, Gabi Gonçalves, Corpo Rastreado – São Paulo, Something Great – Berlin

Support Prêmio Elisabete Anderle de Estímulo à Cultura ⁄ Edição 2019

Headquarters and technical preparation Jurerê Sports Center (JUSC)

Acknowledgments Adélia Aurora, Ana Lucia Rodrigues, Andrea Druck, Aurora Khan, Aya Nishimuta, Bartolomeu, Batman, Binha, Breu K. Katt, Bruno Bez, Caio Matienzo, Candy, Cecília Blasius, Chewie, Florentina, Gatite, Gizely Cesconetto, Héctor Lamela, Hedra Rockenbach, Íris, Jamili (JUSC), Khaninanas Cobras, Ludovico, Luiz Falcão, Maki, Marcos Klann, Marcos Morgado, Muha, Nina, Norma Adó, Pedro Mello e Cruz, Rodrigo Garcez, Secretaria do JUSC: Cassiana, Matheus e Maurício, Theo Gomes