VAPOR is a series of performative actions taking place in friction areas involving housing conflicts: the land occupation Vila da Esperança, in the Pedro Balzi neighborhood, rural zone of Dirceu-Teresina-Piauí, which currently has 6.000 families; an abandoned building next to the “fish market”; the Jacinta Andrade housing complex, which is the biggest project of the Growth Acceleration Program (PAC), a federal infrastructure investment program implemented in 2007 by the Brazilian Government. From these experiences, we migrate to the contemporary art field and its extension spaces, such as residencies and intersections with other artists, spaces of maturation, creation and turning to the world.

VAPOR is the 3rd act of an Original Bomber Crew trilogy that began with the Performative Invasion TRETA (2018), continued with the Monitored Work SUSPEIT• (2020) and now dissipates with VAPOR: an action that infiltrates in both online and protocoled body-to-body contexts. It is presented in a series of videos and also in a live performance that leaves an installation as a stain on space.

In the alleys of the outskirts of Teresina or other urban areas, “vapor” is a slang word that means “to disappear”. It refers to the favela inhabitant who dies, who “evaporates” while society doesn’t care about his absence. He is also the one responsible for the illicit sale to consumers. He is a watcher that guards the main entrances to the favela and warns the entire network using fireworks or radio communication. They are the most vulnerable to police action, executed in their youth, reduced to a number in the statistics by the lack of State. It was in search of “vapores” that one of the biggest massacres of recent Brazilian history took place in May this year, in the Jacarezinho Slum, in Rio de Janeiro. VAPOR discusses a forced and continuous state of escape, of refuge, of need for shelter. It’s about the universal right to housing, the conflicts that involve belonging and property. It’s about those who migrate, invade and/or occupy, in constant movement as a tactic for survival and for the elaboration of their existence.

In this moment of official necropolitics in Brazil, it has become more important than ever to drive attention to what happens artistically in the peripheries, their difficulties, technologies, habits and new normal. The selection of this project to the Panorama RAFT feeds the Original Bomber Crew group, which has been researching peripheral ways of dancing for 16 years.

“Our vulnerability has been frayed by widespread fear, by omission and sabotage of public power. It is utterly important to update and deepen these issues present in our artistic interventions since the beginning of Bomber. We want to evaporate, to change from one form to another, like a dance that changes, reinvents and puts itself out, like a river that continues despite everything, that does not cease. Dance is our field of questioning and of valuing our own place – a place where it is not common to see art or live from art, but it was through it that we discovered that it is possible to dance and relate in other ways”, says Allexandre, director of Bomber Crew and responsible for the conception of the trilogy.

25 set| 19h
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Concepção e direção Allexandre Bomber
Fotografia, direção e criação em vídeo Maurício Pokémon
Criação e performance Allexandre Bomber, César Costa, Javé Montuchô, Malcom Jefferson, Maurício Pokémon e Phillip Marinho
Colaboração artística Cleyde Silva
Pesquisa sonora Cesar Costa e Javé Montuchô
Trilha, edição e coordenação técnica Javé Montuchô
Direção de produção Regina Veloso
Assistência administrativa Humilde Alves
Realização Original Bomber Crew e Casa de Produção|CAMPO arte contemporânea

Agradecimentos Adenilson Santana/Rato, Bruno Moreno, David Allan, Davi Silva, Gui de Areia, Kasa, Raimunda Gomes da Silva e Vine Silva.