Here is a body, with his bike and backpack, a messenger from the favela who wanders through a piece of deep Ceará, an old Northeast. Taking with him enchantments and the luck to be alive, his exercise is to cross borders, to spread the announcement and to access in dreams the place where terror does not enter. His task is to be a guardian, to listen to the paths and bring a manifesto to the travellers. It provides him with the agility and speed to share a message before astonishment takes over and covers his eyes.

In Brazil of Haunting, creating a escape by announcing a Manifest of Dream is to keep one’s own health.

Oct 02 | 7PM (GMT -3)
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Conception Wellington Gadelha

Editing Kiko Alves

Camera Priscilla Sousa, Roger Pires, Allan Diniz, Cacheado Braga, Coletivo.doisvetim

Drone images Gustavo Portela

Sound design and soundtrack Eric Barbosa

Digital Graphic Art and Augmented Reality Kambô

Dramaturgical Interlocutor Andréa Bardawil

Subtitling Lívio Pereira

Brazilian Sign Language (LIBRAS) Samuel de Araújo

Production Plataforma Afrontamento

Co-Production Centre national de la danse (CN D)

Support Porosus fonds de dotation

Acknowledgements Comunidade Remanescente Quilombola de Água Preta, Comunidade Indígena Pitaguary e Tremembé da Barra do Mundaú, Terreiro das Pretas, GRUNEC, Mestre Tarina, Mestre Antônio e o Reisado de Caretas, Mestre Françuli, Rabelo, Dim Briquedim, Alécio Fernandes, Barraca Foi Sol | Projeto SouLest, Abrigo Plataforma, Pipa e Arte, Chocolate Pipas, Varanda Criativa, VeiculoSUR, Centro Cultural Porto Dragão | Hub Cultural do Ceará