Since 2005, the largest four contemporary dance festivals of Brazil, that happens between October and November, are united to encourage the circulation of national and international companies and to share programs, ideas and resources. The Circuit involves the Festival Internacional de Dança do Recife (PE), the Bienal Internacional de Dança do Ceará (CE),  FID – Fórum Internacional de Dança (MG) and Panorama Festival (RJ) and includes four capitals (two from Northeast and two Southeast). It is a union of structures to fortify the scenes of new local artists, facilitate the exchange of information, optimize the circulation of foreign artists and to foster cooperation and circulation of Brazilian artists among our festivals. From this partnership, several optimizations costs and projects have emerged and continue to arise. Together, these festivals have the potential to reach more than 60. 000 people, with a huge return of spontaneous media. In each one, there is a different curatorial project, focusing on the quality of the productions and in what’s new and exciting in the performing arts. Among an artistic area that is increasingly growing, full of nuances and technologies, the Circuit establishes itself as an initiative that speaks directly to opinion leaders, young people and all those interested in the cutting edge of art. The four festivals have a policy of popular tickets and huge interaction with public and non-conventional spaces. The result is a public that grows every year and an increasingly presence of the media.