The Educational Program of Panorama Festival promotes artistic experimentation and critical reflection among different publics from partnerships with educational and cultural institutions in many communities, schools and universities in the city and state of Rio de Janeiro. Since 2008, over 8.000 tickets have been distributed to the various activities, tightening our relationship with dozens of nonprofits and social inclusion organizations, schools and NGOs.

Its main objective is the development of new audiences for contemporary dance and performative arts, besides the development of the critical spirit of the art market professional’s, covering three key areas:

Audience Development

Audience development program with suburbian communities and/or not used to have access to contemporary dance’s works through three main lines:

  • Survey and contact with communities, schools, NGOs and other organizations, offering free tickets and transportation to attend many of the Festival’s shows. When attempting the shows, the groups come into contact with the interns of cultural mediation, allowing them to have a better understanding of what the work of each artist is about.


  • Panoraminha – Programme’s shows for children. Panorama offers tickets and workshops for children between 3 and 9 years from public schools, providing to the visitors’ groups a relationship with the show through activities and conversations with the artists.

Panorama at University

Through protocols established with Unirio, UFRJ, Escola Angel Vianna and PUC-Rio, the Festival creates together with dance and performing arts teachers from this organizations, programs that are suitable to the formation and curriculum of different courses. Until this moment the programs developed are:

  • Meetings and critical seminars of Professional development;
  • LabUni –  A three-day lab where several university students, undergraduate and graduate, are invited to present their academic research upon the critical eye of teachers, curators and artists of the Festival;
  • Cultural mediation internship-  Starting from the many Festival’s shows as an object of study, Panorama welcomes dance bachelor’s degree interns, giving them the opportunity to think about dance and learn how to explain each show to the spectators .

Professional Training

The Panorama Festival generates an intense and vast professional training through the volunteer program:

  • Volunteer Program – Every year, Panorama opens calls for students and recent graduateds in technical and artistic areas. We received about 600 applications of which 60 are chosen to follow the Festival in its different areas, from communication to receptive, production, artistic, among others. All volunteers are integrated into a team, receiving an allowance and are evaluated at the end of the program by their  coordinators. All of them are introduced in the practices of different areas and at the same time have free access to all the programme shows. For many, this is the first step towards the professional market and some are integrated, in the following year, inside the professional staff of the Festival.